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Discussion Questions

Chapter 1
In what way is the contrast of the gloomy description of the jail and the Spring blooming of the dogwood at graduation a metaphor for the two lives in the story?  Why would a victim feel dirty and unable to wash it off? 

Chapter 2
 What were some of the disadvantages that Luke had in his childhood?  How did Luke’s childhood differ from Cheri’s?  What were Cheri’s advantages?   With respect to Deanna’s environment, how can we help children in our communities overcome environmental factors like these? 

Chapter 3
 What do you make of the contrast between the image we form from the news about a prisoner in maximum security and that of a devoted father, concerned about his daughter’s medications and care? 

Chapter 4
 What do you think of the contrast the author makes between the business of mass advertising for mood altering drugs and locking people up for using them?  How does race and culture interact with the outcomes of lifestyles?  Do you think there is a genetic propensity for substance abuse or is it the result of environmental pressures? 

Chapter 5
 What kind of insights is the author gaining from her visits to the jail and the interaction with family members waiting to see their inmate?  What are some of the childhood factors that Luke describes that you think might be indicators of problems in later life? Why was it important for the author to "appear presentable" even though she was just going to the jail? Whay was Luke so upset with his father giving his sister's newborn away?

Chapter 6
 What do you make of the author's stuggle to believe Luke, but still be wary of expert manipurlation? Does it come down to a lifetime of wanting to trust?

Chapter 7
 What do you think it will take to help kids overcome the fear that they are flawed because of a parent's wrong doing?

Chapter 8
 What is the widening circle of influence when a parent commits a crime ... to the child ... to the friends ... to the classmates ... to the school?

Chapter 9
 Why did the attempt to talk about a lighter subject such as pets, fail in the end?

Chapter 10
 What do you make of the parallels of Luke not remembering, Cheri not remembering, and Cheri's mother not remembering?

Chapter 11
Do you believe that people can heal and change for the better? What resources do we need to help them?

Chapter 12
What role does faith play in the healing process? How does spirituality differ from religion?

Chapter 13
Do you think that Luke is remorseful because of his actions or merely sorry that he had been caught?

Chapter 14
How does support from someone who loves us help ease the pain?

Chapter 15
How do T.V. and News Reporting effect our perception of events?

Chapter 16
Do you think that order in our exterior lives can help bring inner peace?

Chapter 17
What role do rituals play in our healing process?



The Garden Song - a true story about rape

A true story about rape
by Cheri Calvert

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